Rexine type coverings. Retrospecialist are suppliers of paper and linen backed Rexine type coverings for audio use.

Hello and welcome. We are a small dedicated company supplying paper and linen Rexine type coverings and vintage radio grille cloths. 

We are specialists in coverings and grille cloth for use in the repair and restoration of Vintage radio, wood box vintage record players such as Dansette and associated equipment. We also supply a range of coverings for amp and speaker cabinets used for stage and studio work for the professional and hobbyist alike. Sid Chaplin (now retired) has been a major supplier to the audio world for over 60 years. Although retired Sid is still on hand to offer expert advice and help to all.

His son Russell has integrated  Sid's old company 'Traditional Radio Grilles' into Retrospecialist and will continue to offer the same professional service that Sid has always prided himself in giving.

We also have limited quantities of special one-off items that will be listed as we can make available but once gone these very rare original cloths/fittings will not be offered again as they will be from our last remains of old stock from the 1960's -90's.

Sadly our weaver who manufactured our bespoke Tygan radio grille cloth passed suddenly a while ago and we are no longer able to produce the cloth at anything like a reasonable price. Modern weaving mills require huge orders of three thousand metres per cloth before they can make it at a cost many times that of our own weaver. He was a radio enthusiast and made the cloth for us at a very good price just because he loved the hobby. The small pieces on the website are the last pieces we now have available. We are adding a few more as we find them in the many years worth of off-cut boxes we have in storage.

For those who collect vinyl records or CD's we have a Retrospecialist eBay shop and Discogs shop where you can check our our tens of thousands of positive feedbacks - we have always had a 100% rating on both eBay and Discogs in over 15 years of trading on the sites. You will find many of our low cost (£5 and under) records, cd's, and cd singles on Discogs with ten thousand plus items listed with new listings every day. Rarer and job lot items are listed on eBay.

If you would like your refurbishment shown on our customer page then get in touch.